Biography of Sancho Harker

Find it / Fix it / Create it / Explain it

This is the biography of Sancho Harker (online alias: iAm_ManCat).

Sancho is an Office365 and Microsoft Power Platform evangelist who specializes in creating integrated and low-cost solutions. He currently empowers business users and allows them to spend their time more efficiently.

Sancho has been recognised as a Super User (#Appstronaut) on the Microsoft Power Apps Community forums since July 2019, and has been a #PowerAppsChamp since November 2019.
Sancho was recognised as a Microsoft Business Applications MVP in May 2020

Sancho creates new processes or redesigns legacy processes using Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and SharePoint. He also provides additional support and integration capabilities through a variety of languages, platforms, and technologies, such as PowerShell, CSS, JSON, and many more.

Sancho enjoys helping others and can become very animated if asked to elaborate on a topic that he knows/loves. His passion for computers and technology stems from his father, who sadly passed away when he was a young age.

As an autistic person, the modern workplace environment can sometimes be a struggle. Power Apps has changed his life, not only professionally but also personally. It has given him a chance to be part of a larger community where his input is valued and respected.

When not empowering others through technology, Sancho enjoys creating fine-art drawings, playing the piano, and gaming.